Business Services

Mach1 PC is ready to handle all of your business IT needs.

Some of our business services include:

  • Managed IT Support: We handle day to day IT support for your staff. This includes administering critical software patches and scheduled maintenance.
  • Network Evaluation & Documentation: We offer free network evaluations for new customers. This includes documenting what you currently have and what potentially needs upgraded or replaced.
  • Backup Solutions: Would your business survive if you lost your important files? We offer online backup solutions as well as onsite backup solutions.
  • Threat Prevention: Through several security hardware and software applications we are able to keep you protected. Stop waiting for your computer to be infected and be proactive in security.
  • Website Design: More than 52% of SMB owners don’t have a website. Those that do are way ahead of their competitors in getting leads and educating their customers.
  • On site / Off site / Remote Support: Mach1 PC offers several different options for servicing your computers. We can do the work at our shop, at your location, or remotely over the internet.

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