Residential Services

Mach1 PC has been offering residential computer support for Shelbyville and central Indiana since 1998.

We specialize in laptop & desktop repair including:

  • Laptop Screen Replacement: We get it. Accidents happen and laptop screens break. The good news is that your laptop screen can be replaced for a reasonable rate.
  • Laptop DC Jack Repair & Replacement: If your laptop is having troubles charging or not turning on, your DC jack could be the problem. The DC jack is where you plug in your power supply into the laptop. Although this requires completely disassembling the laptop, it is able to be fixed!
  • Laptop Hinge Replacement: Is your laptop screen having trouble staying upright? The two hinges at either side of your screen is probably the culprit. These can be replaced.
  • Laptop Missing & Broken Keys: Missing keys on your laptop keyboard can be frustrating, right? Right. Fortunately the keyboard can be replaced inexpensively.
  • Hard Drive Failure: The hard drive in your computer is where your files are saved. Sometimes hard drives fail, this is why having a good backup solution in place is important. We can replace the hard drive and get your computer working like new.
  • Virus Repair & System Tune Up: If a computer is connected to the internet, it will get infected with virus and malware. Infections cause your computer to run slow and inefficient. A virus repair and tune up will get your computer working great again!
  • Hardware Upgrades: Computer not running as fast as you would like? We may be able to add more memory to speed up the computer. Want to play a new game that just came out? Computer might need a high performance graphics card -we do that too!

We also offer cell phone and tablet repair:

  • iPhone & most Android screen replacement
  • iPhone & most Android charging port replacement
  • iPad (all models) screen replacement
  • iPad (all models) charging port replacement
  • Microsoft Surface screen replacement
  • & More

No need to schedule in advance. Drop off your device at our shop today or email