Which is better processor: AMD VS INTEL

One of the most common debates today regarding computer builders like us, “Which is better, AMD or Intel?” The answer is both. This article is going to explain why we suggest AMD over Intel and have built hundreds of great computers using AMD as the CPU ( central processing unit ).

Let me ask you this; what is better when it comes to trucks – Chevy or Ford? Depending on your personal experiences you will more than likely favor one over the other. It’s the same with computer components such as the processor ( CPU ). Let me say that from my personal experiences that both CPU manufacturers make a good product. They both produce lower end CPU and higher end ones. I would normally suggest staying away from an AMD Sempron or Intel Celeron CPU as they are the lower quality ones built cheap to sell cheap – using them beyond basic word processing or web browsing just isn’t that great. I would strongly suggest going with an AMD Athlon or Phenom CPU or the Intel i3, i5, i7 class.

FUN FACT: In 1982 AMD signed a contract with Intel to be licensed to manufacture their 8086 & 8088 processors. In 1986 Intel canceled the contract. By 1991 AMD had released their own CPU and have been going strong ever since. Had Intel never created that contract in 1982 – AMD might not have been around today.

What do my personal and business laptop run? One is running an Intel i5 CPU and other is running an older Intel Quad core CPU. Both work fine – but in both cases I just happened upon a deal I couldn’t turn down. Whenever I build a computer though, I typically use an AMD processor. Here’s why:

Everywhere you look regarding computer advertising, what do you typically see? I’ll tell you what you see.. “Powered by Intel” or “Intel Inside” – that’s not a mistake. Intel spends out WAY more cash on advertising. AMD on the other hand does very very little advertising. Both manufacturers make a great product. Since AMD doesn’t do a lot of advertising, their product is typically very competitive in pricing. It’s for this reason that when we custom build a computer for a customer that we use AMD since it provides a better “bang for the buck”. Did you know that both the new PlayStation 4 and XBOX ONE use AMD for their main processor? If AMD is good enough for next generation gaming – it’s good enough for your personal or business computer needs.

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