Should You Hit the Panic Button on April 8th? ( Windows XP Support Ending )

Written by Vinny Polston, IT Manager

woman technology panicI’m sure most of us have seen on the news or read online about Microsoft no longer supporting Windows XP after April 8th, 2014. What exactly does this mean to you? Will your computer stop working? Are you vulnerable to getting malware and virus infections? Read on..

It can be pretty scary as a user to hear that your computer has reached its ‘end of life’ or ‘no longer supported’. Don’t get too worried though, your computer isn’t going to just stop working suddenly. There are a few things however that should be mentioned.

No More Windows Updates & Security Patches

Both your personal and business computers will be more susceptible to getting hacked. I don’t like using that word since many consider it a scare tactic; but I want you to be informed. Previously, you could turn on automatic updates and to download and install security updates as they were released. As of April 8th no more Windows updates are security patches will be created. This means that as hackers find more vulnerabilities in Windows XP – they won’t be patched. These security holes will be left wide open for anyone with bad intentions to get into your computer.

Say Goodbye to Microsoft Security Essentials Free AntiVirus

Many computer companies would recommend Microsoft Security Essentials for anti-virus, including us. Unfortunately with Microsoft ending support for Windows XP, this also means support for MSE running on Windows XP. There are numerous other antivirus programs available ranging, both free and paid. If you are still running Windows XP after April 8th, you might consider downloading Avast Home Edition. Avast is free for home use and does a decent job protecting you.

Technical Assistance No Longer Available

Those words can be a bit scary, can’t they? As of April 8th Microsoft will no longer offer technical support or assistance for Windows XP. What happens when you need technical support? Well, you can’t call Microsoft anymore. You can call a national computer support company or your local computer shop.

Good news is that here at Mach1 PC, phone advice is always free. Give us a call at 317-398-3572 – we would love to help you!

Time To Make a Decision

Moving forward with the knowledge you just gained, it may be time to make a decision. If you are concerned about security, then we wouldn’t suggest continuing using Windows XP after April 8th. Your computer isn’t going to just stop working, but support from national companies will be limited. If you decide to continue using Windows XP even though there will be security issues, we are here to support you. Want to look at upgrading or replacing your computer because of the security threats? We can help with that too.

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