What April 8th Means for Small Businesses ( Windows XP No Longer Supported )

windows-xp-support-endingBeing a ‘small business’ owner can be difficult. We don’t get the handouts that large corporations do. It’s almost a uphill battle at times. We pinch pennies and try to be innovative with our time. Does this sound like you?

Maybe things are going well for your business, but you’re crazy busy! The last thing you need to be worrying about right now is about Microsoft no longer supporting Windows XP after April 8th.

You also don’t need some salesman trying to push the latest and ‘greatest’ Windows and services at you and your company.

I’ve mentioned two things you don’t need; so I suppose the question that would naturally need to be answered would be, what do you need?

It’s honestly pretty simple.

What you need is someone to help you understand what April 8th means to you.  I want to help you keep your business running as smooth as possible after Microsoft pulls the plug.

I want you protected from things going so horribly wrong at all the right times. You ready? Let’s get to it.

  • You will be more vulnerable to virus infections, hackers, & digital theft: Microsoft will no longer be creating new security patches for Windows XP. This means that as hackers find more security holes and vulnerabilities in XP.. those holes will be left WIDE OPEN for them to attack your computer. If someone does hack your computer through this lack of security, they could access financial data on your systems.
  • If you’re using Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) for your antivirus you’re out of luck: Not only is Microsoft pulling the plug on Windows XP; they will also be eventually phasing out MSE updates for XP. This means you will be forced to start using other antivirus programs that commonly slow down your computer. We have a useful list of antivirus programs you might want to look into using.
  • Your computer just isn’t as efficient as it could be, which means neither are you: Windows XP was created 13 years ago and was a great operating system for both home and business use. Windows XP was stable and efficient. Have you noticed over the years as the office, financial, and special programs you run every day seem to be running slower and taking longer to load? Unfortunately it’s only going to get worse because software manufactures now can easily say that “don’t support Windows XP” as well.

I’m not trying to scare you. Quite the opposite. I’m trying to help educate you on the steps to cost effectively getting your business ready for this year. April 8th and Windows XP support ending doesn’t have to be scary.

Why buying computers from the “big box store” isn’t a good idea.

It would be easy to assume the best steps to take would be to just go out and purchase a bunch of inexpensive Windows 8 computers from the superstore like Wal-Mart or Best Buy.. that would not be a good idea. Here’s a couple reasons why:

  • Your proprietary software and version of financial software might not be Windows 8 compatible. When it comes to installing your software and networking your computers together, will they be there to help?
  • Your business needs quality hardware to support the long hard hours you clock in every week. Unfortunately big box store computers are built cheaper to sell cheaper. As the old saying goes.. you get what you pay for.

I want to help you get your business ready for April 8th.

I actually mean that WE want to help you -and by WE I mean Mach1 PC. As you already know, we have been supporting Shelby County and surrounding counties since 1998. We are here to support you and help your business grow.

Not sure where to begin? You could give us a call or even a quick email using the form below -and we’ll call you! We are here to patiently listen to your needs and suggest how to move forward.

We appreciate that your time is valuable. Since you took the time to read this entire article, make sure you ask us about the SPECIAL DISCOUNT we have available for you.

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