Managed Services

Our managed IT support packages is like having an IT guy right at your office; without paying the huge salary. We offer three primary managed services, anti-virus, patch management, and advanced web filtering.

Managed Anti-Virus
When was the last time you checked to confirm that your anti-virus is up and running? Did that last automatic virus definition update successfully install? Every day new computer viruses and malware infections are released. When a computer is infected it is not only dangerous, but affects productivity. It is difficult for you to keep on top of staff to make sure every computer is maintained correctly. With our managed anti-virus we do all of that for you from our offices. We ensure that the latest anti-virus updates are installed and configured. When an infection does get through, we remediate the infection before it has time to spread.

Patch Management
Windows, Java, and Adobe. The thing all three of these have in common is that they all have crucial security and stability updates that are released. Unfortunately sometimes these automatic updates install at exactly the wrong time; like when you’re in the middle of work. With our patch management we ensure that all of the necessary and critical updates are installed during off hours so that it doesn’t interrupt your day-to-day activity.

Advanced Web Filtering
When your employees visit “shopping at home” sites and social media sites like Facebook; it directly decreases productivity. Our web filtering can block specific sites that you know waste time. We also have the capability of allowing certain sites during certain periods of the day; such as allowing social media during lunch break. This is entirely managed from our dashboard and specific to each customer or workstation.