At Mach1 PC we believe in being upfront and honest with our customers. The #1 question our customers ask us is “How much will it cost to fix my computer?”. Below are our most popular services we offer as well as pricing.

How much do you charge to take a look and diagnose?

Absolutely nothing! We are a firm believer in that it should not cost you anything to find out what is wrong with your computer! We have been in business since 1998 and do not believe in charging a “bench charge”. Simply drop off your computer, our technicians will take a look and we will call you with a quote. Simply said, we don’t charge anything to take a look!

How much do you charge for a virus repair?

We remove all types of malware; including viruses, adware, spyware, & scareware. After we remove all infections from your computer, we do a full system tune-up. Our tune up includes: removing unwanted programs from start up, critical Windows updates, security patches, cleaning your registry, removing annoying toolbars from your browsers, & a good ol’ fashion defrag and scan-disk to speed up your computer. Price comparison: BestBuy’s Geek Squad charges $298 for a virus repair + tune-up. We charge a flat-rate of only $95 for the exact same repair.

What happens if my computer has too many infections to clean?

If the virus and other malware infections on your computer are too deep into the Windows Operating System files to clean – we will suggest a Wipe & Reload. A wipe and reload pretty much consists of:

  1. We backup all of your files; pictures, music, documents, desktop, emails, everything – to our server. While on our server we do a routine virus check to ensure no files carried an infection.
  2. Once we confirm the files are backed up completely, we will completely wipe out your computer. Doing this will remove EVERYTHING – including the infections – from your computer.
  3. We re-install your Windows operating system; making it like your computer was brand new again!
  4. After installing Windows we install all of the drivers, updates, & security patches. We also install Adobe Flash player, Adobe Reader, Java, & an antivirus program to ensure you are protected. If needed we can also install a free office program, called Openoffice.
  5. Now that the computer is running correctly, we put all of your files back onto the computer where they belong.

*note: We can backup any type of file; but because of how programs are made we cannot backup the actual program. An example of this would be anything downloaded or installed from a CD. We do not charge anything extra to install software, just provide your CDs for us.

We charge $125 for a complete wipe & reload; with FREE data backup and transfer.

Looking for some extra help? We answer some of the top questions our customers ask: