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Comcast Deals

Comcast Deals: If you’re looking to get signed up for Comcast you need to read here first

Comcast Deals

Comcast Deals

If you are looking at getting signed up for Comcast for internet, television, or phone service you really need to do your homework first. We have been an authorized Comcast dealer for several years now and we have learned a lot about the process and how to help customers looking to sign up for Comcast the best. It is our goal with this article to help you make the decision when looking for Comcast deals online.

Before getting into discussing the different Comcast deals that are available, I would like to go over the three main service that Comcast offers so that the different monthly payments make sense. As you may be aware, Comcast offers digital television, high speed cable internet, & unlimited phone service. A lot of customers have asked me, “Do I have to get TV service if I just need internet?” The answer is no! Fortunately Comcast knows that some customers might require one service that another doesn’t. You can get any one service by itself or any comb

ination of the three. Let’s discuss the three different services.

High Speed Cable Internet

Comcast has blazing fast internet speeds! As of the time of writing this article, the standard Comcast deal on internet is for a 50Mb connection – that’s just fast internet! When you order your service you have two different options for your cable modem ( what allows you to connect to the Comcast internet service ).  You can choose between a standard modem or a wireless gateway. The majority of customers that we sign up decide to go with the wireless gateway. The benefit of going that route is that you can connect wireless devices to the internet -be it laptops, tablets, smart phones, even smart internet enabled TV systems can be connected to the wireless internet via the wireless gateway. If you don’t plan on using wireless internet than you can just go with the standard cable modem. Either way you go, you are charged a small monthly fee for renting the equipment. If you decide to, however, you may purchase your own cable modem elsewhere and have it connected to the internet. We don’t suggest going that route because if you have issues with the service, the techs may blame the modem right from the start – always rent their modem if at all possible. You will get better support this way!

High Definition Digital TV Service

Comcast offers great High Def TV service – you’ll love it! If you are in the market for TV service and have an HD television we strongly encourage you to rent the HD digital receiver or HD DVR receiver. With either box you will be able to receive HD signal to your television and get a stunning picture on your HD TV. One thing that I personally use is the HD DVR from Comcast. I live a pretty busy life and am not always at the TV when my shows are on. Using the HD DVR from Comcast you can record live TV shows to watch at another date – you can even set recordings or season recordings to catch the entire season of your shows! How great is that? Comcast has several different TV packages with different line-ups. If you are unsure of what package you want, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Unlimited Digital Phone Service

As I am sure that you are aware, phone service through traditional service providers is getting expensive! Why not save a lot with Comcast deals on phone service? One of the best benefits from Comcast digital voice is that it is unlimited – that’s right! You don’t have to worry about watching how many minutes you talk to your friends and family. Another HUGE benefit of using Comcast digital phone service compared to traditional is that you have unlimited local AND long distance calling. Now your spouse can call your mother-in-law that lives several states away without worrying about huge fees!

Comcast Deals save money. period!

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are looking for Comcast deals than you should give Brittani a call at 317-641-9742 and as about what current promotions she is running. I’m sure you’ll find a great deal on Comcast! We look forward to hearing back from you! If you are in a location that you cannot get Comcast, we would suggest you checking out Exede satellite internet.

How do I backup my files

How long will it take you to fix my computer?

We talk to an average of 30 people a day on the phone as well as a lot of people who come into our shop. One of the most common questions we are asked is.. How long will it take? Although there is no way to give an exact answer on that, we thought you deserved to know the top 3 reasons why it is impossible to guestimate when a computer will be done. When you’re done reading this article you’ll have a great understanding of how long it will take..

Number 1: Guessing is.. exactly that.. a guess. Every one of our customers is important to us. If we give someone a time – we commit to that. By saying, “We’ll probably call you tomorrow”, before even taking a look at the computer; we are putting a constraint on the quality of work we can provide. We will never rush a job just to get it out of the door fast – quality matters!

Number 2: We work on a first come first serve basis. We don’t use the term, to serve, lightly. We are here to serve you and your computer needs. Since we don’t charge anything to diagnose your computer we stay relatively busy. At any given time we may have up to 30 computers on ‘the bench’ either being worked on or diagnosed. We have 3 great technicians that do a fantastic job. Even at a full-load of 30 computers, each computer is given the same amount of care.

Number 3: Technology fails – and it fails all the time. I can’t tell you how many times there have been computers I was working on thinking it was about done when another problem popped up. This happens all the time with computers. We can go deep and fix a problem – only to have three more problems occur. This is the primary reason we can’t guess on a time when we will have a computer finished. Will it be working awesome when we are done? Absolutely!

Of all the reasons I listed; from guessing to wait time to technology failing – the most important reason we don’t guess on a time is because at the end of the day our word is all we have. If we guess on a time and then miss that time – we lied to you – and that’s not how we do business. We do business the “old fashioned” way by looking you in the eye & telling you the truth.  It’s our job to earn your trust and business. I hope answers your question! If you’re looking for satellite internet, you might try reading our review on Exede internet service.

If you ever have other questions, feel free to email me at

Best cable deals for Comcast provided by award winning team!

You probably found our article while searching for “Comcast Shelbyville“. Chances are you’re looking for cable deals. As of the time of writing this, we can provide great Comcast deals for our customers! We are still working on being able to do equipment drop-off and payments; sales and getting you the best deal is our specialty!

The question is, “What makes us qualified to sell you Comcast?”. Comcast closed its doors of the Comcast Shelbyville office around early 2011. At that time we were greeted by a Comcast representative whom asked if we would be interested in selling Comcast in the area. Of course we said yes! We happen to have a lot of computer customers who have Comcast for their internet service in Shelbyville, Indiana.

Fast-forward over two years to October of 2013 and we are proud to say that we have been awarded numerous awards on our Comcast sales. Helping our customers get set up for Comcast cable, internet, & phone service is very important to us! Selling Comcast isn’t just something we do on the site – we have a trained and dedicated person here to help you. Interested in hearing what kind of deals we can offer? We also offer sales for comcast Indianapolis!

Call Brittani at 317-641-9742 or email for Comcast deals in Shelbyville, Indiana.